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時間:2020-01-03    點擊數:

講座主題:Digitally-enabled innovation in a socially responsible way: the role of the state and firms as key institutional actors for human resource development

主 講 人:李應芳,教授,澳大利亞莫納什大學商學院

時 間:2020年1月6日 上午9:30—11:00

地 點:經濟與管理學院A204


摘 要:Drawing on empirical evidence of recent developments in the global context, this presentation explores the role of the state and multinational firms as two powerful institutional actors in shaping the adoption of digital technology at macro and micro levels, with implications for human resource development (HRD) and decent work across different sectors and workforce groups. At the macro level, it examines the role of the state as a regulator, promotor and user of digitally-enabled innovation in its governance. It illustrates how the state and multinational firms can join force in shaping urban management, and in doing so, triggers public management transformationwith new skill needs and innovative thinking in public management. The presentation shows that the alliance of power between political and business elites, empowered by technology, determines what businesses the municipality may attract and become competitive in–such decisions are often influenced by their cognitive limitations and development agenda. As such, each city/region will have its own industrial clusters, investment environment, economic characteristics and labour market behavior, which consequently shape human resource management (HRM) practices, including the capacity to attract and retain talent from other regions. At the micro level, the presentation also critically assesses some of the radical strategies large firms adopt in harnessing creative talent through an open innovation system. These strategies call into question the relevance of existing strategic HRM theories and practices on the one hand, but also sow seeds of risks in terms of the firms sustainable resources on the other. The intention of the presentation is to highlight new developments in some parts of the world and stimulate research efforts to capture these new phenomena and to conceptualise HRD in more innovative angles.

講座人簡介:李應芳教授(英國曼徹斯特大學博士),現為莫納什大學商學院副院長,杰出教授;澳大利亞社會科學院院士。曾任英國曼徹斯特大學商學院教授、澳大利亞皇家墨爾本理工大學管理學院副院長。其研究方向為亞洲人力資源管理與勞動關系、性別研究、知識管理和創新、多樣化管理、戰略人力資源管理、外包、中國對外直接投資及華人移民就業等問題?,F已出版個人專著3部,發表學術論文百余篇以及學術書籍章節60余篇,多篇收錄于頂級學術期刊《Journal of Management Studies》、《Human Resource Management》、《British Journal of Industrial Relations》、《Human Relations》、《Journal of World Business》、《Journal of Business Research》、《Human Resource Management Journal》以及《International Journal of Human Resource Management》等。李應芳教授在2011和2018年分別榮獲莫納什大學工商管理及經濟學院的“院長卓越研究獎”和“負責任管理教育原則(Principle of Responsible Management Education, PRME)院長卓越研究獎”;并曾兩次被提名英國政府贊助的全國性獎項――亞洲女性成就獎,并于2006年成為該獎的最終候選人之一。李應芳教授現任《International Journal of Human Resource management》;《Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources》的聯合主編;以及《Human Resource Management》;《Gender, Work, and Organization》;《International Business Review》;《Asia Pacific Journal of Management》and《Asian Business and Management》;《Gender in Management: an International Journal》等高級學術刊物的副主編。